About Us

Modena Tartufi is the result of three generations of truffle hunters who, after years of investigation and a long-standing experience, meet the modern scientific experimentation and gastronomic tradition of the Modena Apennines.

Modena Tartufi is specialized in the field of truffles at different levels:

n the uninterrupted pursuit of excellence, we chosen to enhance our products by working mainly in the province of Modena, preferring in particular the Dolo-Dragone Valleys, an area historically suited to the production of high-quality truffles.

Modena Tartufi cultivates more than 60 hectares where all the best truffle varieties are harvested. This direct cultivation allows the company to offer its customers truffles that come directly from the forest and harvested the very same day. By planning sales based on market demands, we are able to guarantee an optimal level of maturation and a longer shelf-life compared to the average of truffles available on the market (which do not have the same freshness, since the product transfer from truffle hunters to the traders requires a few days)

In the Formigine nursery we built greenhouses for the cultivation of mycorrhized and forest trees for afforestation and forestation and the creation of cultivated truffle orchards. Recent remarkable scientific advances, avant-garde technologies and, last but not least, the certainty given by the latest procedural guideline (which impose a certification by a certifying body and review by the Region on the tree producers of Emilia Romagna) allow to engage in this cultivation with new important certainties and perspectives.