Our nursery

Forest trees

We select plants from seedbeds that are used for mycorrhization and from lots that do not pass certification checks. All forest plants for forestation and afforestation are provided with their passports. We can set the cultivation of special plant varieties upon request.

Mycorrhized trees

Starting from a selection of autochthonous seed or of certified origin, we produce certified trees according to the latest procedural guideline issued by the Emilia Romagna Region in relation to the creation of cultivated and controlled truffle nurseries.

Mycorrhized fruit trees

Our range of tress includes mycorrhized plants of selected varieties reproduced by means of meristematic cell division of the round hazelnut of the Langhe

Truffle growing: an important new investment perspective

To ensure the real presence of mycorrhizae in truffle plants and to protect the buyer from scams (unfortunately still frequent), we only sell certified trees according to the procedural guideline.

Thanks to our expertise proudly gained through years of applied research and experimentation, in partnership with universities and institutions, we are able to develop the potentiality of your growing area and to offer optimal situations on a case-by-case basis.

We support and collaborate with our customers by proposing a personalized project, taking into consideration interventions and methods starting from the pre-cultivation phase up to harvesting. We analyze the most suitable arboreal and truffle varieties according to exposure conditions, geology and morphology, soil chemical composition and site preparation or maintenance.

Our approach towards those who become interested in truffle farming consists in cutting off usual initial costs and providing a highly specialized consultancy service, thanks to our long-standing experience, free of charge up to the production start of the truffle orchard.

The latest inoculation techniques allow the production of certified mycorrhized trees of different varieties and essences. We are currently focusing on the cultivation of:

Tuber aestivum
(Black summer truffle)

Downy oak: Quercus pubescens, cerris, ilex. 
Hazelnut tree: Corylus avellana. 
Hornbeam: Ostrya carpinifolia. 

Tuber melanosporum
(Black truffle – Grade A)

Downy oak: Quercus pubescens, cerris, ilex. 
Hazelnut tree: Corylus avellana. 
Hornbeam: Ostrya carpinifolia. 

Tuber aestivum var. uncinatum (Black autumn truffle)

Downy oak: Quercus pubescens, cerris.. 
Hazelnut tree: Corylus avellana. 
Hornbeam: Ostrya carpinifolia. 

Tuber borchii 
(White spring truffle – “marzuolo” or “Whitish truffle”)

Downy oak: Quercus pubescens. 
Hazelnut tree: Corylus avellana. 
Stone pine: Pinus pinea. 

Tuber magnatum Pico, Tuber macrosporum
(White truffle – Grade A and black smooth truffle)

Current knowledge does not allow us to cultivate these truffles with satisfactory results. On account of this, we are developing new experimental inoculation techniques in laboratory as well as directly in field.

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